Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FB - Edward

I've had a couple of people ask me why Edward didn't call the police when he rescued Isabella. Yes, for most people that would be the logical choice of action. So what is Edward thinking? Why didn't he? There are two main reasons why he didn't call the police after he rescued Isabella.

First, he is a very private man, but he is a very public figure. Given his lifestyle choice and his position in Seattle society, he's learned that the less people know the better. And with Isabella, this is even more important. He doesn't know exactly what he's dealing with, why she was where she was, nor how she got there. Edward put his proverbial neck on the line by going to Aro and buying her. He doesn't want that kind of information to become public knowledge.

His second reason for not involving the authorities, is because he doesn't think that would be a good choice for her right now. Isabella is very submissive right now. If she was put into a high pressure situation, she may lose it entirely. And what would happen if she was pushed into pressing charges? One look at Aro, or any other dominating figure, especially male, and she'd back down if not collapses into herself.

I've also had several comments on Edward's thoughts about her becoming his submissive. Again, there are a couple of reasons for that, but they are pretty simple.

1) She is already trained. As sick as that thought might be, Aro did train her to be submissive. It is only her fear that ever makes her hesitate. Take that fear away, and Edward knows she'd be perfect.

2) He's attracted to her. We all know Edward thinks Bella is the most beautiful woman in the world. That doesn't change here. He wants her, plain and simple, but he wants her to want him as well.


  1. hey just wanted to let you know i stopped by after i read the update. i left a long review and i see you answered my ? about bella becoming Edwards sub after shes not so afraid anymore. just wanted to let you know again how much i love this story. cant wait for next Wednesday!

  2. sorry i am posting all of my comments / reviews all at once, but i found the story and read the entire thing today. so, as far as Bella being a submissive. She was trained to be a sex slave, not a submissive. To be a submissive, you are born to want it and I don't see how she wants any of this. Its really wrong of Edward to think that she has already been trained. How is he taking into account what she wants and if she ever wanted to be a submissive in the first place? I mean, he is kind of selfish dick here.