Saturday, October 17, 2009

FB - Chapter 5 Teaser

I thought it would make him happy. Why hadn’t it made him happy? It didn’t matter. Look what I’d done!

What would he do? He was obviously not happy with me. How would he punish me?

No, that didn’t matter either. I’d messed up. Brought this on myself. Whatever it was I’d deal with it, try not to cry no matter how painful.

But what if he wanted me to cry? Aro hated crying. He’d always add ten lashes if I cried during my punishments. Edward wasn’t like Aro though. What would he want? Why did this have to be so confusing?!

I felt the tears streaking down my cheeks and tried to wipe them quickly away when I heard the door opening. He didn’t come in though, just stood there looking at me. “Get dressed and come to the living room, please.”

And then he was gone. I was more confused than ever. He wanted me to get dressed and come to the living room?

Then I got it. He was getting rid of me!

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