Saturday, November 28, 2009

FB - Chapter 11 Teaser

Taking a deep breath, I squared my shoulders and slowly raised my eyes. He hadn’t said a word since I’d lowered them, and I knew he was waiting. As soon as I was looking at him again, he continued, “Everything I do, Isabella, will be with you in mind. I will always do what I think is best.”

I knew what he meant. He would do what was best for him. But I’d liked the first part. The part where he said he would do everything with me in mind. I wasn’t sure what that meant but it was something. And I hoped it meant that he wouldn’t hurt me too badly. I really hoped that.

Then he reached out and placed a hand on my cheek. His thumb rubbed along the bone just below my left eye. “You belong to me, Isabella. You are safe.”

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FB - Isabella's Collar

I had this image in my head as to what her collar would look like. What I wanted was a simple circle, nothing fancy. You would be amazed how hard that was to find!

After spending what had to be at least three hours searching the internet, this is what I found. It isn't it exactly, but it's close. Choker Necklace. This necklace does not have an actual claps, and her collar does. Hers is also white gold where as this one is sterling silver.

I'd had some requests for a visual, and I hope this helps.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

FB - Chapter 10 Teaser

I dusted, cleaned mirrors, and vacuumed the downstairs before heading up to the library. I wasn’t sure I’d have time to take all the books off the shelf and put them back so instead, I just dusted the tops and fronts, wherever I could reach. It wasn’t until I finished that I noticed a small little stairway, only three steps, in the back corner.

Up the steps were two doors. I tried the first, but it was locked. The second opened easily and was filled with gym equipment. This must have been where Master was this morning. I could tell he’d been working out. His breathing was heavier than normal, and he was wearing lose fitting shorts, like the ones he’d given me Thursday morning. I didn’t notice what type of shirt he was wearing other than the color since I’d kept my head down.

The room had a distinct male scent and was clearly well used. I stood there for far too long lost in my thoughts. It looked so normal.

When I was finally able to pull myself back to reality, I got to work using the cleaner to wipe off all the machines. There were mirrors along the back wall so I sprayed them down and made sure there were no streaks.

Finishing, I took a deep breath. The room smelled clean now, but there was still a hint of him here that lingered. It just seemed to fit. I also realized that it almost smelled…good.

Perspective - Chapter 39 Teaser

I couldn’t help the half smile that curved my lips. She was so beautiful with her lips well kissed and her breath coming faster than it normally should all because of me. “No, love,” I assured her. “I just thought maybe my car was not the best place for what we were doing.”

“Oh,” she said with a little surprise in her voice. Then she looked around and blushed. Bella was poised somewhere in between straddling the center console of my Volvo and sitting in my lap. This, was new.

With amazing speed and a little of Bella’s tale tell clumsiness, she found her own seat again. “Sorry,” she mumbled.

I reached out and felt the heat of her blush through my palm as I traced it down her cheek. “No need to apologize. I was rather enjoying myself.”

Bella looked up at me as her teeth encompassed her lower lip. Then she glanced down at my lap. A small growl escaped me, knowing what she was looking for and what she’d find. Her head turned and her lips grazed the cold hand still resting at her face. The feel of teeth lightly scrapping against my marble skin registered, followed by the softness of her tongue.

I stopped breathing. My muscles locked into place as I fought the urges flowing through me at that exact moment, urges that would end in a much more primal way that I wanted for Bella. “You need to go inside,” I said with the air I had left.

And then she smirked at me, opened her door, and said, “Don’t be late.”

I remained unmovable until she crossed the threshold of her home. That woman would be the death of me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

FB - Collar of Protection

I'd planned to put something up about this before I received a review questioning Edward's decision to collar Isabella. I knew some would have questions about it or just feel that it is too soon.

First, I want to point out that aside from the sexual aspect, they are already living as Dominant and submissive. He is giving her choices, freedoms, yes, but depending on the submissive's needs and wants that could be found in other D/s relationships. The only thing they are lacking is a formal agreement. And as many of you have commented in your reviews, she isn't ready for anything like that at this point.

So why the collar and what will it mean for their relationship? First, nothing major will change with their dynamics. As I've been doing research for this story, I came across a website talking about the meanings associated with D/s collars. After doing a little more research and talking with an actual submissive about it, I really wanted to share what I found out.

While a collar can be anything from a necklace to a bracelet to just about anything else a submissive is able to wear, the main thing is the meaning. It is the meaning both the Dominant and the submissive place on the collar that is important.

So that brings me to the Protection Collar. This collar is given to a submissive that has usually been in an abusive relationship and needs to recover. A Dom will take her under his wing, so to speak. While she wears this collar of protection she is not allowed to be approached by any other Dom's without the consent of the one whose collar she is wearing. The protecting Dom is responsible for seeing that her needs are met whatever they may be. That does include sexual needs, but it doesn't have to. His goal and responsibility is to help prepare her to re-enter the community and find a healthy D/s relationship for her.

If you want to read the full page with descriptions of all the different types of collars, here is the link

Saturday, November 14, 2009

FB - Chapter 9 Teaser

She nodded but didn’t speak. I was not going to play this game, so I just waited for her to spit it out. It didn’t take nearly as long as I’d thought it would before I heard her ask, “May I make breakfast this morning for you, Master?”

Shock crossed my face, although with her eyes still on the floor she didn’t see it. But then it also struck me that this was the first real thing she had asked for without prompting. She wanted to serve me. I knew it was her way of again trying to apologize for whatever wrong she thought she did last night to upset me, but this was an improvement over her last attempt at ‘thank you’. “Yes, that sounds lovely.” I was about to walk away again when I saw her lip disappear a second time behind her teeth. “Was there something else?”

“Do you have a waffle iron?”

I glanced up at my cabinets. Esme had been the one to stock my kitchen with what she saw as the essentials. Racking my brain, I tried to recall if a waffle iron had been included. There really was no telling. I hadn’t used half of what she’d installed or shelved. “I don’t know, but you are more than welcome to check. My kitchen is at your disposal.”

“Thank you, Master,” she whispered.

Watching her for only a moment longer to see if there was anything else, I was surprised to see a hint of a smile. She was happy she’d pleased me.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

FB - Chapter 8 Teaser

Heading straight for my bathroom, I turned on the cold water and splashed it on my face. Looking up in the mirror, I was pleased to see that the anger burning in my eyes had dimmed. I felt more in control, which was good. The last thing Isabella needed was to fear me even more than she already did.

My hand was reaching for the doorknob when I felt my phone vibrate. Pulling it from my pocket and looking at the caller ID, I knew it was my aunt.

Sighing, I figured I might as well get this over with. “Hello.”

‘Edward,” my aunt’s voice resonated through the phone, “And how is my favorite nephew?”

Releasing the doorknob, I leaned back against the sink. “I’m fine. You?”

“Well…I was doing fine until I heard you have a new girlfriend that I haven’t even heard about.”

Closing my eyes, my left hand came up to pinch the bridge of my nose. Girlfriend. Not exactly.

Carlisle knew of my lifestyle. Esme did not. And even if I wanted her to know, this was not the time to tell her. “I didn’t mean to keep anything from you. It’s just…” What did I say? I had no idea, so I settled on, “new.”

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Perspective - Review I had to share

I wanted to share a review I received with you on my latest chapter of Perspective. Actually, it wasn't on the chapter at all. This person has never read, nor reviewed this story before. I'll let you read it, and then explain why I wanted to share.

Look.....OK, please don't take this as a criticsm, ok? I haven't read the story, so I could very easily be isunderstanding something. Or a lot of things, even. So PLEASE don't get's just that, well...I read the summary of this story, and I'm like, "Wha--?? Nearly 100,000 words and 38 chapters and 400+ reviews for a story dealing with THAT?!?!?" I just don't get it...I mean, I'm not some prude or religious nut or something, I just don't get it! Is sex between B&E really THAT important??? Seriously! And as for wedding nights, what good will it be talking to C&E&J?? They were all cases of vampire sex, not human/vampire sex...
So, like I said, PLEASE don't be mad!! I am NOT putting your story down! I'm sure the story is very well written and all, but *sigh* I just don't get it...sorry, I keep saying that, don't I? Anyway, I am almost afraid to read it, so maybe you could just explain it to me real fast, and let me know what I'm missing? Thanks. And seriously--NOT a criticism!!!

So I didn't want to share this with you to embarrass the person who wrote it, I wanted to let you read it because I felt she brings up something I find so often in the fan fiction I read. Her question is how can you take nearly 100,000 words to explain Edward's preparation for his big wedding night with Bella? Well, if you're reading Perspective then you know the answer to that.

Stephanie spent two books just getting Edward and Bella to the point of him being able to make out with her and NOT want to kill her. She gave us the subtle touches, and the love. Perspective is a reflection and continuation of that only from Edward's point of view. I think too often in fan fiction and even in some novels, authors are in such a hurry to get to the big climax or dramatic ending. To me, it is all about the journey and that is how I write.