Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FB - Isabella's Collar

I had this image in my head as to what her collar would look like. What I wanted was a simple circle, nothing fancy. You would be amazed how hard that was to find!

After spending what had to be at least three hours searching the internet, this is what I found. It isn't it exactly, but it's close. Choker Necklace. This necklace does not have an actual claps, and her collar does. Hers is also white gold where as this one is sterling silver.

I'd had some requests for a visual, and I hope this helps.


  1. i dont know why i pictured it like this
    like a hard necklace. not flexible. whatev :) thanks for sharing! man i read your updates too fast! i always want more like immediately after its over. oh and thanks for the review reply. those make my heart sparkle :)

  2. please please please update again soon! not just on finding bella, but perspective, too! Luvin the fics so far!!

  3. I had pictured a Tiffany's style choker but am happy with the one you selected. It's much more modern. It's very nice to be able to see what the author is picturing. Please continue to post pictures of what's in your mind's eye when you write.

    I followed you from twilighted, to FF, then to your blog. Can't get enough of this story!