Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Perspective - Review I had to share

I wanted to share a review I received with you on my latest chapter of Perspective. Actually, it wasn't on the chapter at all. This person has never read, nor reviewed this story before. I'll let you read it, and then explain why I wanted to share.

Look.....OK, please don't take this as a criticsm, ok? I haven't read the story, so I could very easily be isunderstanding something. Or a lot of things, even. So PLEASE don't get mad...it's just that, well...I read the summary of this story, and I'm like, "Wha--?? Nearly 100,000 words and 38 chapters and 400+ reviews for a story dealing with THAT?!?!?" I just don't get it...I mean, I'm not some prude or religious nut or something, I just don't get it! Is sex between B&E really THAT important??? Seriously! And as for wedding nights, what good will it be talking to C&E&J?? They were all cases of vampire sex, not human/vampire sex...
So, like I said, PLEASE don't be mad!! I am NOT putting your story down! I'm sure the story is very well written and all, but *sigh* I just don't get it...sorry, I keep saying that, don't I? Anyway, I am almost afraid to read it, so maybe you could just explain it to me real fast, and let me know what I'm missing? Thanks. And seriously--NOT a criticism!!!

So I didn't want to share this with you to embarrass the person who wrote it, I wanted to let you read it because I felt she brings up something I find so often in the fan fiction I read. Her question is how can you take nearly 100,000 words to explain Edward's preparation for his big wedding night with Bella? Well, if you're reading Perspective then you know the answer to that.

Stephanie spent two books just getting Edward and Bella to the point of him being able to make out with her and NOT want to kill her. She gave us the subtle touches, and the love. Perspective is a reflection and continuation of that only from Edward's point of view. I think too often in fan fiction and even in some novels, authors are in such a hurry to get to the big climax or dramatic ending. To me, it is all about the journey and that is how I write.

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