Saturday, November 21, 2009

FB - Chapter 10 Teaser

I dusted, cleaned mirrors, and vacuumed the downstairs before heading up to the library. I wasn’t sure I’d have time to take all the books off the shelf and put them back so instead, I just dusted the tops and fronts, wherever I could reach. It wasn’t until I finished that I noticed a small little stairway, only three steps, in the back corner.

Up the steps were two doors. I tried the first, but it was locked. The second opened easily and was filled with gym equipment. This must have been where Master was this morning. I could tell he’d been working out. His breathing was heavier than normal, and he was wearing lose fitting shorts, like the ones he’d given me Thursday morning. I didn’t notice what type of shirt he was wearing other than the color since I’d kept my head down.

The room had a distinct male scent and was clearly well used. I stood there for far too long lost in my thoughts. It looked so normal.

When I was finally able to pull myself back to reality, I got to work using the cleaner to wipe off all the machines. There were mirrors along the back wall so I sprayed them down and made sure there were no streaks.

Finishing, I took a deep breath. The room smelled clean now, but there was still a hint of him here that lingered. It just seemed to fit. I also realized that it almost smelled…good.

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  1. Huh, I read your post about the proteciton collar, so that exist huh? interesting, and just what Bella needs.
    Reading this teaser I thought that she was going to enter Edward's playroom, that would have been bad, I imagine her totally collapsing into herself again, and not trusting him.

    Another: "can't wait" :P