Saturday, October 10, 2009

FB Chapter 4 Teaser

First before I give you the teaser, I changed the pictures from an earlier post of Edward's penthouse. The ones I had were okay, but weren't exactly what I was looking for. I found something better I liked so I changed them. As we move through the house, you'll get more photos. :)

Now on with the teasaer....

I led her over to the dining room table and motioned for her to sit. She complied without hesitation.

Setting my briefcase down on the table I opened it and extracted three separate pieces of paper, handing them to her along with a pen. “I need you to fill these out. Be as honest as you can.” She nodded and I left her to fill out the forms Carlisle had e-mailed me while I went to make us dinner.

The forms were nothing special. They were the standard new patient forms one had to fill out anytime changing doctors asking for name, age, family medical history, etc. Although to be honest, I was just as curious about some of that information myself. She looked young. Very young. If I had to guess, I’d say she was no more than 19 or 20. I’d had a brief fear as I’d contemplated this on the way home that I’d ‘purchased’ a minor, but I pushed it aside. If that’s what she was, then I’d turn her over to social services saying I’d found her wondering the streets. They’d never know unless Isabella told them and in her current condition, I didn’t find that likely.

Tonight dinner was simple, spaghetti. We didn’t really have time for anything fancy since we had to be at Carlisle’s office by seven.

When I brought the plates over to the table, she was on the last page. Isabella glanced at the plate but didn’t stop writing until I took the papers and pen out of her hand. “Eat first. You can finish filling these out after you’re done.”

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