Monday, June 21, 2010

What I'm reading - Week 3

This has been a very busy week for me so I didn't get a lot of reading done. For those of you who are following me on Twitter, you know that we had a small little guest in our basement that took us two days to get out along with some adjustments to the outside of our home so that more unwelcome guests didn't visit in the future.

Illegal Contact

This story has been around for a little while. It is written by GreenEyedGirl17, and can be found on both and The story is rated M/NC-17 for sexual content.

Edward is an ex-pro football player who's now the Forks high football coach. Bella has just moved back to town with her little brother, Seth. Sparks fly with these two as they both struggle to deal with their past, present, and future.

I love football, which is what first made me take a look at this story. For the most part I quite enjoyed it. It was fun and playful while keeping the sexual tension going and going. Once the two really got together however, it felt a little rushed, in my opinion. I wanted to see these two actually be together for a bit, and for them to tackle some of the many challenges that were in front of them. Instead, the story skipped ahead and left me longing for more time with the characters.

Overall it is a good read, and I'd give this story 4 1/2 stars.

Let Love In

Some of you know that I have recently gained an obsession with the Sookie Stackhouse stories. Once I'd read all ten books, I went in search of some fanfiction. I've read a few one-shots. And one of these days I may review those as well. However, this was the first multi-chapter story I read and I have to say that I was impressed.

Personally, I am up in the air regarding Bill and Eric. I honestly don't have a preference as to who Sookie ends up with as long as it's one of them. With that said, this particular story is all Sookie and Eric.

It is written by Terri Botta, and can be found on It earns it's M rating. There are some pretty fun sexual encounters between these two including one that involves Sookie using Eric as a buffet table.

This story is excellently written. The author takes what Charlene Harris set up and adds her own imagination, lore, and history. She is so talented that I found myself, after reading the whole thing, trying to remember if something occurred in the books or in this fic!

No doubt that this story gets five stars from me.

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  1. Great recs, I love that particular Sookie Stackhouse fanfic. Thanks for the reminder, I should go reread it. :-)