Sunday, June 6, 2010

What I'm reading Week 1

For this first post of this new addition to my blog I'm going to include two stories that happen to be on my mind.

Late Night Encounters
This story is one of those that I drop everything to read. It is written by kyla713, and can be found on both and

This story is rated M/NC-17, and it is rated that way for a reason. The story is about an ER doctor who has spent so much time getting ahead in his career that he has put relationships on hold. One night he goes onto an on-line dating/sex site and finds himself talking and having cyber sex with Bella.

Although there is a lot of sexual content in this fic, the plot takes the reader through not only the challenges of a long distance relationship but also one that was started on-line.

The only real negative I have regarding this story is that the author does not update regularly. Some updates have taken almost two months.

But with that said, I would still give this story five stars. It is a highly enjoyable read.

Age of Consent
This story was recommended on another blog, which is how I ended up reading it. The story can only be found in it's entirety at to my knowledge, and was written by littlesecret84. The first 12 chapters can also be found on, but the author decided not to continue to post there due to the site cracking down on sexually explicit content.

Age of Consent is another story that earns it's M/NC-17 rating. (You will find most of the stories I read fall into this category) Edward is a lawyer working in Port Angeles. Bella is a high school student who is going to be working as an intern at his law firm for the summer.

This story is complete, which is a plus. I found the first 3/4 of the story to be a good read. The last 1/4, I could have done without. I am not a fan of drug use in a story, especially where it is encouraged, but it wasn't only that. The majority of the story dealt with the two of them dealing with their age difference and how it effected their relationship. By the end, it felt that it had become a different story altogether.

I would give this story three and a half stars overall.

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  1. Thanks Eki!!! I do enjoy reading what is pwning someone else. Keep 'em coming :-D