Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FB - Chapter 31 Teaser

I glanced down at my watch. They had been gone for ten minutes. It wasn't long, but for some reason my worry increased. I positioned myself so that I was able to constantly watch the entrance they would most likely use.

My back straightened as I saw Alice. I looked behind her for Isabella, but she wasn't there.

Then I caught the look on Alice's face. Standing, I quickly closed the gap between us. "Alice, what is it? Where's Isabella?" I demanded.

"She's... Edward, you have to come. James..." It was all I let her say before I pushed her aside and all but ran out of the ball room and into the lobby.

As soon as I got into the smaller room, I let my eyes take in everything. There had been a commotion that was clear. Everyone was trying to act normal, but I noticed their eyes continued to glance over to a short hallway to my right. Turning to look that direction, I saw two figures obscured by a large plant. It was only the end of Isabella's dress that confirmed it was her. I wasted no more time closing the distance between us.

What I hadn't expected to find on the other side of the overshadowing foliage was Jacob Black. I leveled a not so friendly look at him before turning to Isabella. Her hair had come down a little and there was a large red mark on her neck. I knelt down next to her. "Did James really do this?"

She answered with a raspy 'yes' and I cringed at the sound. I pulled her to me and placed several kisses on the top of her head before turning slightly to face Jacob. He was watching me closely. I didn't care.

As much as I didn't like Jacob Black, I knew that he must have been the one to come to Isabella's rescue. She wasn't acting scared of him, which she would have been if he'd just harmed her. And he was acting very protective of her. That, I had to admit, I didn't like very much. "I owe you a thank you, Jacob."

"I didn't do it for you, Masen," he snapped back. I bit my tongue and nodded. Jacob Black was the last of my worries right now.

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