Sunday, January 10, 2010

FB - Reader Response

I asked permission to share this PM I received from one of my readers with you. As you all know, Edward has received some not very nice reviews. Thankfully that has decreased with the last few chapters. I love my Edward, and it is hard to read comments that say he is worse than Aro or a 'real bastard'.

This PM, to me, put everything into a nice, neat package and I wanted to share.

I wonder if some of the people who really are critical of Edward and/or hislifestyle do not really understand what the lifestyle is. I know there arepeople out there that practice Dom techniques without being truly a trainedDom, and who are just mean dominating people. Of course, there are probablypeople out there like Aro who are trained in the lifestyle but are still justmean people. But Edward strikes me as a true Dom. Really the fact that he isa true Dom, although it is I know extremely hard for him to repress hisnatural instincts and desires, makes him actually more qualified than atherapist to help her. For instance, if she had been turned over to thepolice, therapy would have been her only hope for a future, and she would havelikely been in therapy for life without ever having a real chance at life. Edward, being a true Dom, is attuned to everything about her, and thereforecan sense on a daily basis what she needs in order to make her feel secure andwhole again. She was trained as a sub, badly, but still trained as a sub, andfor someone to have taken her and automatically started treating otherwisewould have been even more detrimental to her psyche. He is trying toacclimate her to life with babysteps, keeping enough of her sub status to giveher a sense of security, in hopes that at some point she will "want" to be hissub in a healthy D/s relationship. I have read several D/s stories and havedeveloped a true appreciation, awe and sometimes envy (especially for thelevel of aftercare that you do not see in "normal" relationshiop) for thislifestyle. I think your story is particularly good and well thought out inexpressing Edward's character in what I would expect from a true Dom, at leasta really good one. I was reading this story on Twilighted, but then I kind ofby accident found it on and found there were a lotmore chapters there. I was thrilled with that! Thanks again for sharing thestory!


  1. I have always found Edward to be caring...although I feel the lines of communication should have been opened a lot sooner. He is doing what he feels is the best for Bella and right now that is the right thing to do!

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us. You know I have a big supporter to your Edward throughout this story. Please know I will continue to support you and Edward.

  3. Wow, I usually don't read other people's comments about the stories, but to know that people out there are being that mean to you because of this, it's just too much.

    This is a beautiful story, you can see Edward cares for her and he is trying to do the best for her, just as a Dom would do, she's not there quite yet, but she will be and I can't wait for Bella to get the reigns of her life back and I'm sure Edward will take her there, sub or no sub if she wishes.

    I personally could not be a Sub, but that's just me and I know enough to respect others that do choose that lifestyle. I've learned a lot from other fanfics about this subject and some googling (try to explain THAT to my mom) and I realize that there is more to it.

    I just hope that people know that everyone has the right to an opinion, you just don't have to be an ass to others for having a different one.

    Love the story and will continue to read it, at this point is more than a sub/dom story to me, is a story about survival and hope for the future, which I'm sure Edward will let Bella see, as well as Bella will save him.

    Good Luck and I'll be waiting for the next chapter :)

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  5. truth is i don't think bella was trained as a sub according to what i've read...she is a slave. edward hasn't even acknowledge or realized that she doesn't seem to consider herself as a sub. she was purchased by edward so she thinks that she is a slave. i agree that edward is the best for her therapy wise, but he also needs to have an epiphany; "duh...she was bought and paid for therefore she must think of me as a master in a different context". it should be rather obvious to him that he needs to deal with that first. i mean the man looked her over like she was a piece of property when he bought her from aro....of course he had to in order to convince aro, but it really doesn't seem that he realizes that he also convinced bella at the same time.

    the first post messed up so i'm reposting...sorry about that

  6. I agree with the above post. I mean, I dont understand why people reading this story think she is a sub. As sub is someone who wants this kind of life style and wants to have a D/s relationship. Bella clearly DOES NOT! At least this story does not show that at all. Another series of fics called The Submissive, The Dominant and Training are clearly all about true D/s relationship where Bella truly wants to have this kind of life style. In this story Bella does not want this and was forced into this. Yes, she was somewhat trained, but she was trained to be a slave not a sub, so to say that she wants to be one is totally false. So Edward is good for her in terms of leading her out of her "darkness", but by no means do I consider her to ever wanted to be a sub to him, especially after what she has gone through. She was also super young when she was forced into this life style, so she does not even have a point of comparison. If she will be his sub, she will never love him as a partner, but will always feel that he is her master and not in a good way. Bottom line, she is simply not a sub. She was trained to be a slave and nothing else.