Saturday, January 9, 2010

FB - Chapter 17 Teaser

The remainder of my run was quickly forgotten as I turned off the machine and stepped towards her. As I got closer, it was obvious who had done this to her. The marks were precise, covering only the section of her back that would have been hidden by the tube top she’d been wearing when I’d first met her. Before I knew what I was doing, I was standing directly behind her with my hand reaching towards the marks on her flesh.

Isabella went rigid at my contact. I raised my eyes to meet hers in the mirror in front of her. She began to lower her eyes. “Don’t,” I said, as gently as I could.

Her eyes came back up and held mind as my fingers traced the patterns of raised tissue on her back. I didn’t need to ask if Aro had done this to her. I already knew the answer to that. Instead I said, “I would never do this to you, Isabella.”

And I wouldn’t. I had left busies before but never scares. I’m not even sure I would do it if a submissive asked me to, and I was absolutely positive that Isabella had never asked to be marked like this.

My declaration was met with nothing but silence, but I knew she’d heard me. Her breathing had become more labored, and her eyes opened just a bit wider as if surprised.

I had no idea how long we stayed there watching each other in the mirror, until I finally stepped back and broke the spell. “Finish, shower, and then meet me in the kitchen. We will get breakfast and then I have plans for us.”

With that, I turned and left her alone.