Saturday, January 30, 2010

FB - Chapter 20 Teaser

At twelve o’clock I locked down my computer and changed into my workout clothes before heading down to the gym. Angela smiled and waived to me as I walked past. It was good to feel some normalcy again.

After some basic stretches, I got on the treadmill and began walking. A mile registered on the machine, and I began picking up the pace. Soon I was running and it felt wonderful.

By the time the timer went off I was drenched and feeling good. Moving over to the free weights, I began my regular routine of curls and presses. My muscles were feeling the burn when I heard the door open and Angela’s frantic voice. “He doesn’t wish to be disturbed.”

When I turned around I saw my uncle standing just inside the door trailed by a rarely flustered Angela. “I’m so sorry, Mr. Masen.”

“It’s okay, Angela.”

She hesitated for a moment, giving one last look at my uncle, and then left.

Figuring my workout was pretty much over at this point I replaced the weights and started stretching. I didn’t address my uncle’s presence. He’d been clear on his position regarding Isabella, and I had no desire to hear more from him.

When he realized I was just going to ignore him, he asked. “Aren’t you curious as to why I drove across town to see you in the middle of the day?”


  1. Gaaaahhhh! Please hurry up Wednesday. Thanks for the teaser.

  2. Curious doesn't even begin to describe it...