Saturday, January 23, 2010

FB - Chapter 19 Teaser

Less than a minute later I hung up the phone and took a deep cleansing breath. Maybe Jasper and Alice would have some idea how to handle this situation. I knew Isabella and I needed to talk about so many things, but maybe having Alice here would help put her mind at ease for a while.

After straightening a few things on my desk, I went downstairs to wait for Jasper and Alice. Exactly thirty minutes later I heard a knock at the door.

Before I’d even gotten it open fully, Alice was bouncing through the door. She took a quick look around and then rounded on me. “Where is she?”

By this time Jasper had made his way inside as well and I shut the door as I answered her. “She’s taking a nap. We had a long morning.”

“What did you do, Edward?”

I felt slightly offended even though I knew she was right. It was all my fault. “Why does it have to be something I’ve done?”

“Because I know you.”


  1. Oh sheesshh! Can't wait for Wednesday to roll around.

  2. oh wow cant wait until you post the new chapter. lol

  3. Hmm. I wonder what Jasper does for a living. I don't think it has been mentioned. I wonder if he is a therapist. It would explain why Alice asked Bella if what she thought of Jasper. That question was kind of thrown out there but then dropped, but it would make sense if Jasper was a therapist.

    Girl Who Reads

  4. Wow. Can't wait 'til tomorrow