Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Countdown

October 1st started the second annual Halloween Countdown and Collaboration. Each day leading up to Halloween a new one-shot will be posted.

What is the Halloween Countdown and Collaboration? It is made up of two parts. The first, The Halloween Countdown, is made up of 35 invited authors. Each author involved wrote a one-shot with a Halloween theme.

One of the unique things about this is that it is not a contest. There is no winners or losers. Each writer was invited to participate in the countdown.

And to make it a little more interesting for the readers, it's anonymous! At the end of each posted chapter are 'author hints'. When you submit your review of the chapter you can also take a stab at which author wrote it. (A list of the participating authors is listed under 'Chapter 1'.)

The second part of this is the Collaboration. For the author's participating, the assignment was to be given one chapter of a 31 chapter story and write it without seeing any of the other chapters written by the other's involved. The organizer provides a loose outline, but the rest is up to the individual writers.

In case you are wondering, yes, I am participating in this. Can you guess which of the 35 one-shots is mine? If you're feeling that Halloween spirit start to creep up on you, check this out.

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