Monday, October 18, 2010

What's what

So many things are going on in my life right now, and for those of you who also follow me on Twitter you are aware of some of them. I thought this was a good time to give everyone an update on just what is going on right now.

First, the question I hear most often is when is Finding Bella coming back. I don't have an exactly posting date as of yet, however, I do plan to resume writing in November. The problem is that given all of the controversy the last couple of chapters caused, I have not decided if I want to post the chapters as I go anymore or finish the story first before I put anything up. Part of the reason I took a break was because all of the arguing and debating was too distracting. I want to put up a quality story that I'm proud of. In order to do that, I have to have the time to write it.

Next, again some of you know this, but my basement flooded almost a month ago. Everything in our basement had to be removed so it could be dried out. I also lost my washer and dryer. We're currently waiting on the insurance so that we can replace what was lost and get things moved back downstairs. Right now, I have crates and boxes almost to the ceiling in multiple rooms. Let's just say that moving around my house isn't exactly the easiest thing to do right now.

Finally, I wanted to give you all an update on my novel. It will be out some time in January, and pre-orders will begin in December. I know you are all wanting more information, and I promise that more will be coming soon. ;)


  1. I'm really excited for you to continue Finding Bella! <3

  2. i for one agree reg the distracting comments and reviews. i loved your story from the start and found it more amusing than not when the critiques came in on your "bdsm" not to be acurate. i felt like jumping on with my own comments telling people to lighten up, it's a story, and a good one. you already disclaimed the bdsm so i didn't understand myself why it was going on.

    don't let it discourage you. your a good story teller and there are more fans like me than them that enjoy your writing. i look forward to more "saving bella" as well as your own original story come january!!

  3. Thank you for updating here. I am not a twitterer(?) I like the posting as you go, as a reader. It's like a ,mini-series or a novella on Spanish language tv. But, if the bickering impedes your writing than please wait. Hope the future is good to you;)

  4. Hi Eki, so sorry to hear about your basement! That must be mass chaos on a daily basis. But I'm glad to hear the novel will be coming out soon. (Still the same title at this point?) I can't wait to see it in print! Will it be an e-book too? I'm currently debating the merits of different e-readers on my blog as I'm preparing to buy one.

  5. flybrd,

    If I end up finishing writing FB first before posting, I still won't post it all at once. I'll probably go back to once a week or maybe twice a week.

  6. Jennifer Lane,

    Thanks. My house is driving me crazy at the moment. I will be very glad to have everything that belongs in the basement back downstairs.

    No, the name isn't changing. It will be an e-book too I believe, but I don't know the details yet. Honestly, I know nothing about e-readers. lol.

  7. So glad that you will continue writing FB soon! I don't care if you decide to post the chapters as you write them of finish the whole story first. Either way, I know it will be a great story. So far I've enjoyed all the chapters so much! You have a wonderful story that you write in a wonderful way, so don't let some reviews discourage you!.

  8. Well I have said this before but I will say it again, I love your story FB. I hate the haters. If they dont like it then damit dont read it, its that simple. I am so sorry about your basement and I hope all is well soon. As for posting, I did suggest to you about The Writers Coffee Shop, I have had so much better luck with them than with or Also I suggested to you that you can post here on your blog but you didn't want to do that. I still think its a good idea, I dont think you will have to answer to a whole bunch of rules that way. BUT its your decision and I hope to see you soon, we really do miss you.
    From: LetRobstenLuv4ever

  9. Please write YOUR story... I know this happens to many writers when people hatefully critique. The bottom line is, it's your story and if they don't like it they don't have to read. There are many of us that DO like it. I hate to hear that this type of hatefulness happens. It happens so often and it is unfair. If you want to wait until the story is finished to post, I'm sure we will all stand by you. We might not like it, only because we love your story so much, but we will stand by you! Just keep us posted as you have been so kind in doing and we'll be here when your ready. Stay true to yourself and your words! Thanks for sharing ~ itlnbrt

  10. Hi,
    I'm sorry to hear about your basement. Why does water always get in places where it doesn't belong?
    It's indeed your story. We're not the persons to tell you how it should go. If you feel that you need it to be written like this, than write it like this and not like that because that is what other people say. (That is a rather confusing sentence ;))
    I love the story and maybe I had thought it would turn another direction, it's your story, and not mine.