Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sad and Unfortunate News

It was brought to my attention tonight that some members of the fandom who are not happy about some of the fanfiction authors publishing their stories have taken it upon themselves to compile a list of fics and put them into a database for everyone to access who wants to. This makes publishing a story that one has written and posted on the fandom extremely difficult. It is sad that these individuals feel that they have the right from the author to take the story they've created to a larger readership, but that is exactly what is happening. We all share our writing on the fandom for free, but that does not mean that if we find our work to be 'good enough' we would not want to try and publish it and make money from it. We all put a lot of time and effort into these stories.

So, it is with a sad heart that I have removed Finding Bella. Given that I have announced that I am publishing a novel (not Finding Bella), I feel that I, and my story will soon be targeted by this group. Believe me when I say that I do this with great sadness. I know that Finding Bella has a huge following in the fandom and that it will be missed.

With that said, I want to assure you that you all will get your ended. Unfortunately, due to what is going on, you are now going to wait until the story is published. It will be a series of books instead of one and I am hoping to have the first one out, if all goes well, sometime next year.

I will not be disappearing from the fandom, and I will probably still write here although I will most likely be sticking to cannon or AU stories from now on.

I am asking that if you do have a copy of Finding Bella saved on your hard drive that you do not share it. Many of you will not be happy with my decision, but I do hope you understand. This is personal. Whether or not an author used the Twilight characters as a jumping board or not write their story, it is still their story and belongs to them. I ask my readers to please respect that and not help add to this.



  1. OMG!! I'm sorry that has happened. I know authors are pissed. I will miss Finding Bella. Just let me know where I will be able to pick it up.

    Best of luck,

  2. This is SO frustrating to me! So many people in the fandom are doing this...removing a story that was intended to be fanfiction and publishing it as something else. You get us excited and then leave us hanging...

    I have waited patiently for updates in between LONG periods of time...and to find out you are just yanking it...instead of putting it on your blog or another site like TWCS...

    Please don't pretend this is selfless on your part.

  3. Charmie,

    No. This is not selfless. I put a lot of time and energy into this story and if I would like to publish it one of these days then that is something I feel is perfectly within my rights to do as it has nothing to do with Twilight. Putting it on the blog or another site would not protect it from being stolen. The only option was to take it down, which is what I have done.

  4. It's so incredibly sad that this is happening to authors. What was intended to be recreational has become nasty & negative. Authors have every right to protect their intellectual property regardless of it's original intent. I will miss Finding Bella but completely support what you are doing. Please post where & when we will be able to read the completed version.

  5. Well, I've been saying for 2 years now that we are so fortunate to be able to enjoy your talent (as well as the talent of the other authors in the fandom) for free. I firmly believe we should be paying to read some of these stories. There is some amazing talent out there and your story is well worth paying for.

    I don't think pulling it from the fandom was the right thing to do, I have waited patiently for an update to this story and have told others about it. I was JUST talking about this story to another author yesterday as a matter of fact.

    It is not my decision what you do with your story - I have no say. But since you posted on an open blog that leaves a place for comments, I think maybe you would welcome my opinion. I think that you should end this story for your readers. I think that you should, if nothing else, push the publish date and give us first dibs at buying it.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you luck and happiness and I would like to purchase a copy, please let me know when and where!!

    Southern Fan Fiction Review

  6. So just to clarify...
    1-You are publishing another story, not related to FB in the near future.

    2- Because you are going to publish a story, you're too busy to finish FB now. You are worried people will steal your story.

    3-You are pulling FB because you hope to finish and publish it one day.

  7. I'll definitely miss Finding Bella. I hope though that when you decide to finish it you'd alert us to it AND hopefully it is still free to read.

    Regarding securing fics from being plagiarized, downloaded, etc - I believe Kharizzmatik (author of Emancipation Proclamation) had the perfect solution for it. If you hadn't checked her blog where she now post EP updates thru Google Document, you should :)

  8. Ash,

    All accept #2. There is a group that is targeting writers that are publishing stories and putting the ones they have posted on fanfiction sites into a data base. The only way to prevent this from happening to Finding Bella was to pull it.

  9. I'm sorry to hear this. Even if the characters were the guide, it's still your work and research and ideas and creativity that went into it. I will admit that I had taken a hiatus from reading the story as real life can pull from fiction, but I followed you on alert everywhere just about and felt better knowing that I could come back to the story at my leisure, my bad. I'll get when it's published. Thanks for the journey.

  10. I am devastated! I check everyday for an update or posting to the story. I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened. Please keep us updated on the releases of your published finished project and where I can get the copies. I'm an addict who needs her reading fix. :)

  11. It is so sad that a few bad apples can spoil it all for the rest of us. I'm sad you had to pull it and wish you the best of luck in publishing your stories. It is a privilege for us to read all the incredible stories you ladies (and gentlemen) put out for us. Please keep us up to date on your works.

  12. I am greatly saddened by your news. You are an amazing writer and I agree with some of the people here leaving comments. I mean it is horrible what you are going through BUT.... you are punishing your loyal and faithful readers that have waited patiently for you for months to finish this wonderful story. I have not even heard of any database that is stealing stories and I dont want to either. I want to get them freely from the author. I do have a copy of this story on my hard drive but it is for my personal review only. I do not share what I have with anyone. I love to read and when I get bored with all the other stories I like to go back and re-read the amazing ones. Now you have prevented that because you are taking it down. I feel hurt that we are paying for these other people.

  13. Ok, I'm so sad to hear this news. I also agree with some of comments here. I understand your point of view as an author, and of course the story is yours to do with it as you wish. But I've never undertood the authors who pull their fanfics to publish. I mean, if they're talented (as you are), I've always thought that they should publish original material, new stories, not pull the fanfic they're sharing for free when they see the story has success among people. I think this is disrespectful towards they readers. As someone has mentioned here, there are ways to assure your story is not stolen.

    Said that, I wish you the best of luck with your projects.

  14. hey,

    I'm so very sorry, that you and other authors have to concern themselfes with this BS. FF is supposed to be fun: for writers and readers. It is supposed to give people a chance to led their creativity free and try out their ideas and get readers opinion and praises for it. I discovered FF not so very long ago, but that is how I use this community.
    Of course I'm also sad, that another of my fave stories is pulled if for this exact same reason or not. But this is not my writing and I'm not able to pull this storyline of, so I have no say what to do with it.

    Does that mean the end of the blog as well? will you still be posting your rec's? I really hope so.

    Anyway, enough with my babbling.
    I wish you all the best with your books!

  15. I find it very disappointing when an author removes a story before it's completed and tries to have it published. You put your story out there for us to read, then when it becomes popular and has lots of reviews and lots of recs, you decide to just take it away from us. In other words, you have used us.

    Another comment I want to make is that we are reading the Twilight fanfics because we like the characters in the books/movies. To publish a story with different characters and locations just doesn't hold the same interest (at least to me).

  16. As a reader who is relatively new to the world of fan fiction, I have found a wide range of material out there. Some is a big pile of...well you know. And then there are a few gems, like your work. That said, I'm really sad and frustrated by the announcement, although the rational, business-minded side of me does understand it. My frustration lies not so much with the fact that you pulled the story, but that it may be months or even years before I ever see the resolution to FB. If you are indeed going to wait until you can get it published before letting us know how this story will end, it's quite disappointing. It would be great if you felt like you could share new chapters without re-posting the existing story, although I'm guessing that's highly unlikely.

    I'm also not quite clear on the multiple books thing--if that means what you had already written would encompass several books or if FB would be the first of many in a series. In any event, I'm starting to realize that this whole world of fan fiction is more frustrating to me than it's worth sometimes. Some of the great stories go unfinished. I suppose that's the nature of the business, but for myself at least it's a lesson that if other authors are going to follow your lead, I'm not even going to bother any more.

  17. So I guess I'm confused...

    Are you publishing FB reworked? Or publishing something else?

    Will we be able to read the end of FB on-line or do we have to buy your books in order to learn how FB ends?

  18. Tsk Tsk, shame on you. I thought it was a little odd when you went on hiatus, but your explanation was reasonable so I understood and supported it. I was then so excited when you said you would update in November. And now you pull the story to publish it??

    If that was your intention all along you should said that. Not let readers fall in love with the story and follow it for a year waiting on updates. That was very unfair of you and not considerate to your followers at all.

    But, it's your story and you can do what you want. Obviously you showed us all that.

    I wish you luck and wish you well, but will no longer watch for any new stories from you as I would be afraid to start anything knowing you might pull it and leave me hanging...

  19. I'm sorry that you and your work is so abused. How many greedy, vile people live in this world? I wish you good luck and hope to remain one of your future readers. I appreciated your story very much.

  20. I am truly sorry to see that this is going to be no longer available to read. I am writing a story too and I worry about people going in and doing things to it. Honestly to me the way that you make it sound though you are more worried about earning some cash from it, and KUDOS to you if you can make money do it. I do think that all of us faithful followers that have stood by all your delays, and putting off of FB should be at least offered then to pay you out of our pockets to at least get closure to the story we have all daily checked for updates on. If you need to learn how to post something that can not be copied there is the Google way and it works well. BUT really why would you do this to your following?? Some of us have written you letters and notes of encouragement many times yet we are the ones being put off by this whole matter. I do understand your side to an extent but it would be like me pulling my story now with 24 chapters posted and then saying oh well you do not deserve to know how it is ending. Just my opinion and I am still a huge fan of FB no matter how disgusted I am with your throwing us (your loyal followers) away!

  21. I'm so disappointed, but I completely understand. It is yours to do with what you want and I am no one to tell you any different. I enjoy your writing and will read whatever you write. As for publishing Finding Bella, I will buy it and I will read it and I just hope that it's not too long. I miss them.

    Good luck,


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