Thursday, December 3, 2009

Perspective - Outtake Teaser

Some of you might have wondered what happened after Jasper left Edward in the middle of Chapter 37. Now you don't have to wonder. :)

My arms wrapped around her small frame, and I flipped her over onto her back. Our tongues battled, our lips pulled and sucked trying desperately to get closer, to become one.

Using all my strength, I pressed against her, letting her feel all of me. My little pixie growled, urging me on.

It was all the encouragement I needed to begin ripping away at the thin layers of clothing separating us. I registered the ripping of fabric and then the feel of skin.

My fingers dug roughly into her flesh, bringing her hips up to meet mine. Jeans still covered my lower half, but she quickly took care of that.

Once I was free, I knew I needed to be inside her without delay. And with one strong thrust, I was.

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