Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What I'm Reading

Master of My Heart


This is a BDSM story written by BriannaMarley. I read a number of BDSM stories in fanfiction before I started writing my own. This is a rated M story for obvious reasons.

Bella was in a very bad relationship with James that, after one night, left her nearly dead and with some permanent injuries. In order to try and keep herself from falling into another bad relationship, Bella joins a private BDSM club. There she meets Edward. There is instant chemistry.

I enjoyed the first part of this story. When it started, I had high hopes. However, they quickly dwindled into disappointment. Many of Bella's reactions were over the top and unrealistic for the experienced sub she was supposed to be. I tried to stay with this story, but finally had to give up on it as it had lost all interest for me.

Overall I would give this story two stars.

The Virgin Swan and the Cullen Intuition


I found this story through some of the ladies over on the Twilighted chat room. Bella falls head over heals for Edward, her best friend Alice's older brother. Edward is equally smitten, however, there is one problem. Bella is a virgin. And only 17.

This story is written by Kriskahn (fanfiction), Jocasta (Twilighted), and it is rated M/NC-17. Again, it earns it rating. There is a lot of sex in this story.

The connection between Edward and Bella is intense right from the start, but so much is against them. Edward's age. Bella's age. And also the little fact that Charlie hates Edward with a passion. But as with cannon, their love pushes through all of their issues and only makes them stronger.

This story is complete, and I give it four and a half stars.

If you've read any of these stories, let me and others know what you thought by leaving a comment. Remember we all are looking for good stories to read. That's why we're here!


  1. I started reading "Master of my heart" and I have to say I had the exact same reaction as you..at first it sounded really promising, since most stories are of Bella learning to be a sub and not a Bella that is already a sub.
    But after some chapters, the story lost its focus completely, it became overdramatic with no actual plot in my opinion :/ I had to stop reading it as I felt my reviews would not have been positive so I chose to just stop.

  2. Hi, I've read "Master of my heart" too, and I was very disappointed. Bella isn't submissive in the least. Many times her reactions don't make any sense and it's inconcepible Edward falling in love with her: what the hell did he see in her? She is a little pretentious, insufferable whiny bitch. With the last chapters I heted her, completely. Of course, I don't think a story can be successful if the readers hate the main characters...

    Now, speaking about GOOD stories. :D
    I LOVE your fic: "Finding_Bella" is an authentic gem. Actually, I have re-read it almost 5 times...
    My only complaint is the 2 weekly update. I read (devour) a chapter in 20 minutes, so I'd like an update every day... LOL
    Kidding, kidding. Thank you very much for writing your amazing story!!!!

  3. Just as you and the two other comments mentioned, i too have been disappointed with MomH. I'm not seeing any dom/sub relationship between Edward & Bella. Other than her moving in with him without any backward glance and a few small comments referring to playroom time there isn't anything submissive about Bella. I understood from the beginning that she was looking for a more gentle d/s but it seems nonexistent here. I almost feel like i missed a few chapters somehow :-)

  4. omg! finally a review that is honest. I started reading MomH too and when she came down with the cyst, after she had burned the kitchen down, been attacked in her closet - met the parents, had them tell her Edward was SO in love with her (after two days of being together) well- what a waste of time. It is just so unrealistic. But the cyst business was the last straw for me. Loving your story - but poor Edward. Is she ever going to relax with him. Part of me feels like he should just let her go. Another part of me wants to see her stay with him, but without all the business of the canes, etc. ughh. hate those canes!! he should just stick with a little flogger now and then.