Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Question - What I'm reading

I've had several people ask me in reviews for recommendations on other fics that I like, and as readers of my blog I'd like to ask you for your feedback. Would you like to see an addition to the blog involving other stories that I read. If I do this, I would not only be commenting on stories that I like,but also ones that I didn't and why. For those of you that have submitted reviews to me, even negative ones, you know that I'm not malicious. I figure that if I took the time to read a story, then why not say why I loved it, liked it, or it bugged the crap out of me.

Again, this is an idea I'm throwing around. Comments?


  1. I's appreciate a "What I'm reading"-feature in your blog. I'm always looking for new stories and like to know what other authors or readers I admire are reading.

    Comments on both story likes and dislikes are helpful too, in my humble opinion...

    Tx, m4h

  2. I vote positive for this one :P
    It would be good to see what you're reading, and even comment on your thoughts about them.


  3. I am always interested in what author's are reading and their likes and dislkes.

  4. This is part of the reason I became a commentator on "The Fan Fiction Rebels Blog" lesser known fics that I think are wonderful - getting attention. It's totally a personal thing whether you like them or not.

    I also include interviews (short) with the author and a character i'm interested in interviewing...

    For me it's fun and i'm getting alot of good feedback.

    Hope this helped!

  5. I think that you should go for it. I don't mean to sound rude, but some authors need to get tougher skin and realize that all published authors, chefs, actors, etc deal with bad reviews. all of them. I feel that if you post your work and ask for a review you should prepare yourself for anything. But, it does need to be respectful. I know you would definitely be respectful, I am just saying that as long as the review is written respectfully, bad or good, there is no room for anyone to complain.

  6. I would be very interested in what you are reading. To be honest when I go looking for a new fic to read I always check out the authors favorite stories.

  7. Yes, please! I think that's a great idea. I'm always looking for more stories to read, and the first place I look is recs by other writers.