Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Those who reading my story Finding Bella know that it deals with some things that do not sit well with all of my readers. I have tried to portray the characters in realistic fashion and stay as true to both my original vision as well as the BDSM lifestyle as much as I am able.

Some of you know that I post Finding Bella on multiple sites. One of those sites was Twilighted. I use the past tense because chapter 31 will be the last chapter that will be posted there.

Twilighted has always been behind the other sites I post to because of 1) their validation process in general, and 2) because of some difficulties with the initial validation given the subject matter. One of the things I was hoping to accomplish with my hiatus was to get the story caught up on Twilighted. That is now not going to happen.

I received an e-mail from my validation beta regarding the submission of my next chapter (chapter 31) two nights ago. She did not like the wording of something that was said towards the end of the chapter and wanted me to change it. I struggled with how to both respond as well as what to do regarding her request. In the end, however, I decided to make the change to the chapter so that it could be posted and ask my readers there to come here so that I could let them know what was going on and why. Twilighted is a privately owned site and the administrators have the right to run it as they see fit, however, as the author I have issues with being asked to change my story.

If you are currently reading this story on Twilighted and wish to continue reading it, you will still be able to find it on fanfiction.net and twilightarchives.com. There are 36 chapters posted at those two sites, however the story is on hiatus at the moment. If anyone has any questions I didn't answer in this blog post regarding what is happening with the postings over on Twilighted, please leave a comment and I will try to respond.

Thank you all for your support.



  1. I am so sad that you are unable to have your wonderful story posted as you wrote it on Twilighted. Have you considered working on the Writer's Coffee Shop? I look forward to reading your amazing work in the future.

  2. awww... it's now on hiatus? I'm gonna miss this story! Yup, thought as much that you'll soon stop updating on twilighted. Hope you'll continue updating this story sooner :)

  3. flybrd,
    I have considered it, and might go that route for future works, however I have no plans to post it there right now.

  4. wolffia,
    It did go on hiatus at the end of chapter 36; there was a not at the end of the chapter. It will be back though as soon as I can catch a few breaths between projects.

  5. hey author...
    i've been following ur story on Twilighted. sad to hear that Finding Bella is on hiatus, but i'm looking fwd for it tho. hope everything turns well w/ u...

  6. Aww, that's a shame you had to do that. I also had a similar problem when I posted a Jasper/Bella AU fic on there and they told me to change so many things that in the end it was such a struggle to put on so after about 17 chapters I took it off. It was peculiar how they seemed to have no objections to my Edward/Bella stories though! ;)

    Hope your break is going well and your novel!

  7. A friend of mine (also an author) was also posting on Twilighted until recently and has decided to stop working with them. She found their interference stifling and has now chosen to work with FFn and TWCS. She is much happier with these sites. Additionally, the gals that started TWCS faced the same issues, along with the witch hunt that went on thru FFn this last year, which prompted them to create their own safe haven.

  8. I'm sad to hear things with Twilighted aren't working for you any more. As you said, it's your story and it should be as you want it to be. Thanks for letting us know.

    Good luck!!!!

    momams (mayams)

  9. can I have a link for the FFn? I can't seem to find you.

  10. Oh, Eki I am so sad to hear that! My RL ficfriend goes through fits with them ALL the time too. And the Val Beta she has' work is utter crap for the first threequarters of her own story just to rub salt in the wound!

    Another friend started the GiggleSnort Files archive to try to give funny stories a safe haven and made me an Admin. It makes it easier for me to see what they are doing and less happy with them in general. The line between trying to be high quality and censorship is getting blurred from what I see.

    And to think they used to be the only site I wanted to readd on!

    I am so saddened by this news. Thank-you for letting us know!

    Hope your friend is doing well! I'm very trepidatious that we haven't heard from her spouse lately. Makes me worry. Hope it's just me and not true intuition!! :D

    Enormous Hugs!

    Thanks for informing us and even more for being brave enough to write this and share it with us!!!

  11. I really love this story - I have read the rest of it on fanfiction- it was kinda messed up that on twilighted someone doesn't approved of your writing style and has the nerve to tell you to change it. that is just wrong. I hope you can finish the story i will be waiting. in the meantime i will follow you on twitter.

  12. I'm very sad to hear about your problems with Twilighted, I'm not an author I just enjoy what gifted minds like yours write but it still infuriates me that authors are often censored.

    I can not express in writing how extremely happy I am that you have this fabulous story posted somewhere else. I LOVE IT and will follow you anywhere you take it.

    I'm curious though, it's chapter 31 the first chapter that you have had to change to be able to post it on Twilighted or are there others? For what you wrote I understand it's the only one but I wanted to be sure.

  13. dreamdancer1,


  14. bluezaphire,

    Chapter 31 was the first chapter that they asked me to change. I am sure, however, that it would not be the last.

  15. Ekimmunh,
    I have followed you first on Twilighted and I agree with you on this site, it sucks. LMAO. Then I found you on FF and I was so happy. Now I finally find your blog and I am so thrilled. My question is What did you change in chapter 31? Did we get what you really wanted to say on either site or did you change it for both sites? If so, I would really love to know what you wanted to say instead of the edited version. I am in love with this story and I think you do a WONDERFUL job in telling it. It saddens me a great deal that it is on hiatus. I hope you can come back to us soon.

  16. Ekimmunh,
    I was noticing on this site it doesn't look like you post the whole chapter but only teasers. You might want to consider posting your completed chapters here on your blog as well so no one interferes with what you want to say.

  17. CLgarcia67,

    It was a small change in what Edward said to Isabella regarding canning her in the future, but I felt as though it changed the perspective of Edward's charcter. The posted chapter on ff.net and Twilightarchives is what it is supposed to be, only the Twilighted version of the chapter has been altered.

    I've thought about posting it on the blog, however I have my reasons for not doing so.

  18. Thank you for responding, however I worry now if you have issues with posting on your own blog, how will we receive new postings? Will we just have to keep looking on FF? I hope you dont stop writing this story, it really is one of my favorites.

  19. Oh I was thinking if this blog is giving you issues another one of my ALL TIME favorite authors of Master of the Universe by snowqueens Icedragon,has an amazing blog though a different source and I am including it here so you can check it out in case you dont know it already. http://50shades.com/ if you go on and it ask to verify age make sure you move your screen all the way to the right to see the Verify Age Button. It will take you to her blog, it is quite beautiful. I hope this helps you incase you want to use a different blog. Take Care.

  20. What I find funny is that there are some works on Twilighted that are in dire need of a skeptical eye. I've found tons of one-shots and/or novel-length stories that are horrible! We're not just talking grammar and technical writing...but the SAME STORY! Oh Edward leaves and doesn't come back..then he meets Bella 100 years later and guess what? She's a bitch. :insert eye roll:

    Now, I've read a few dom/sub stories before but not one like yours, and since it's different they have to send it through the cleaners. Some people would say you should be flattered; frankly, it's just annoying. Like the "extra security" I always get when I fly southwest.. only in an airport can extra security mean they're gonna rip open my suitcases and toss the well proportioned pack job out the window.

    Summary: Go you!

  21. annamorphos,

    Thank you for the support. The change they asked for me to make was a small one, but I felt it changed Edward's character. It toned down something he said, which I did not feel was realistic given who and what he is.

    My husband had to go through an extra security check once and it was just annoying. We were coming back from vaction and he happened to have the suitcase with all the suveniors in it. They wanted him to explain what it all was. I didn't quite understand that.

  22. I love finding bella, pls update soon!

  23. This is annoying half of my favourite stories get pulled from FF for sexual content but are okay on Twilghted, who I thought were always the lesser of the two evils, just goes to show you. TWCS seems to be where all these stories end up going, not sure of their process.
    I am looking forward to when you resume this story though!