Saturday, April 17, 2010

FB - Chapter 27 Teaser

The rest of Monday night was fairly uneventful. I joined Isabella in the kitchen to help her finish making dinner. She was still a little hesitant, but I could tell that she was trying not to be.

Tuesday morning, she joined me for a very quiet breakfast before I headed to the office. I beat Angela in, and was already in the middle of a current grant proposal by the time she knocked on my door. “Good morning, Mr. Masen.”

“Morning, Angela. Come in.”

She walked into my office and took a seat in front of my desk. “It’s good to have you back.”

“Thank you,” I smiled.

My assistant was one of the nicest people I had ever met and very loyal. “I brought you some phone messages,” she said handing them to me. I flipped through them quickly. There was nothing overly important here other than a call from Jenks. “Oh and Miss Brandon called just before five yesterday as well, but she said she would just track you down today. Should I call her and set something up?”

“Yes. I do believe I have lunch available today. Why don’t you see if she is able to join me and order us something from the deli across the street.”

She nodded. “Is there anything else, sir?”

“I think that’s all for now, Angela. Thanks.”

Less than five seconds pasts after my door clicked shut before I picked up the phone and dialed my lawyer. “Jenks and Associates. How may I help you?”


  1. Thank you. I can't wait for the full chapter. What about Charlie? I am dying to know!

  2. Thanks for just the tip...
    but I Need the whole glorious thing!!
    I just can't get this out of my head!!
    Your writing stays with me... everywhere!

    ~ Much love ~

    WV ~ aulongla ~ Can't make this up ~
    sounds like my mouth is fulL?