Saturday, April 3, 2010

FB - Chapter 26 Teaser

“Also, I was curious as to which name you prefer?” His voice rose slightly at the end of the sentence making it a question.

“You know my name,” I whispered.

He nodded. “This is true.” He paused as if thinking through something. Then as if finishing his thought he began talking again as if he hadn’t stopped. “When I purchased you from Aro he told me your name was Isabella Marie Swan. He called you Isabella, and you’ve never said any different or given me any reason to think you preferred to be addressed in any other way.”

Now I was more confused. If he knew my name was Isabella, what was he getting at?

I didn’t have to wait long. “I had a meeting with Demetri this past week to see how things were going. He called you Bella,” he said, searching my face for a reaction. He got one. I sucked in a breath at hearing the name my family and friends had called me before this nightmare had begun.

Demetri did call me that, but for some reason it was different. Hearing him…Edward…say name again brought back the memory once again of the phone call with my father telling me that Saturday afternoon that a car would be picking me up. I felt my heart rate pick up along with my breathing, but I was okay. I was okay.

“I was called Bella. Before,” I whispered knowing he’d hear me.

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