Monday, February 15, 2010

FB - Chapter 22 Teaser

The next morning, I called Angela and asked her to see if Demitri could stop by around mid-day even though I knew he would come anytime I asked. That man was more than predictable. I honestly think he’d jump off a cliff if I asked him to.

Sure enough, at twelve fifteen Angela knocked on my door to let me know Demitri had arrived. “Tell him I’ll meet him in the gym in five minutes.”

I changed quickly and headed down the hall. Demitri was standing near the stack of weights against the wall but turned when he heard me come in. “Mr. Masen,” he gushed.

Demitri was a great personal trainer. He had a way of creating targeted workouts for his clients but changed things up often enough to keep it challenging. “Hello, Demitri.”

He moved towards me. “Was there a problem with your workout, sir?”

It was no wonder he thought there was a problem. We normally met once every six weeks to go over and change things. I was two weeks early. “No. The workout is fine,” I said as I walked over to the mat to begin my routine. “I wanted to talk to you about how things are going with Isabella.”

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  1. I love the care Edward takes with Bella in every way, sort of prepping her for re-entering the world. I'm sort of review shy, but I wanted you to know how much I love this story and your version of E/B. I can't wait to see where you take us...looking forward to Wednesday. Thanks for all of your hard work.