Sunday, February 7, 2010

FB - Chapter 21 Teaser

She walked behind me as we entered my condo; both of our arms full of groceries. Taking them to the kitchen, I set the bags down and left her to put them away.
In my room, I removed the jacket and tie from work I was still wearing since I’d not taken the time to change before we left. Unbuttoning the top two buttons of my shirt, I looked at myself in the mirror.

I could hear her moving around in the other room. The pull I felt toward her continued to get stronger, as did the conviction I’d felt tonight at dinner. Somehow in all this mess I had falling in love with the woman now gracing my kitchen.

Running a hand through my already messy hair, I took a deep breath. I had no idea what I was going to do, no idea how to deal with these emotions I felt. Why did the first time I fell in love have to be with a woman who may never be capable of loving me back?

For one moment I let myself imagine what it would be like to have her feel for me what I did for her. To be able to show her how I felt. Just thinking about it made my heart race like never before.

The memory of her spread out naked on her bed flashed in my mind, and I had to force it away. As much as I wanted her, I couldn’t have her. I had to face the very real possibility that she would never want me like I wanted her. Never be able to look at me as anything more than the person who bought her.

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  1. He will also have to worry about the flip side of that last statement. What if she only sees him as her rescuer. Once she realizes that he is helping her she may feel that she has to stay with him out of gratitude or the need to repay him. I think that would be harder because he would have to question whether she really loves him.