Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I'm Reading

The Muse

This story is written by Deavlynn and is rated M/NC-17.

I'm not sure what lead me to start reading this story. One night I was surfing Twilighted for something interesting since none of the fics I am currently reading had an update, and for whatever reason this struck my fancy.

When I first started reading, as with most fics, I had no idea what I would find. This one begins with Bella as a college student with a lot of promise except for one thing. She is down to her last few dollars, and has no idea how she is going to get more. In fact, she is so broke that she has failed to turn in a paper because she can't afford the twenty some dollars it takes in order to get it printed. Luckily, one of her college professors has a way to solve her money problems. Edward.

One of the things that is not mentioned in this story's summary, but I think is important to note, is that there is a rather large age gape between Edward and Bella. If this bothers you, I suggest not reading this story. Personally, I found it highly enjoyable.

I give this story four out of five stars.

Real Women Have Curves

This story is written by Truefan and is rated NC-17.

For anyone who is looking for story recommendations or has a story they want to, as we say 'pimp', to potential readers, the Twilighted chat room is a good option. It is how I not only found this story, but many others.

When I first took a look at this story I had my doubts. I've seen a few other fics listed with Bella being an overweight girl and quickly passed them over. If it had not been for the ladies over on the chat room, I would never have started reading this story. Lucky for me I did.

This story opens very much as Twilight did. Bella moves to Forks with her dad at seventeen 'to give her mom and Phil some time to themselves'. The only problem is that isn't the real reason. Bella's true motivation behind her move from Phoenix to Forks is brought out in a way that had me tearing up and wanting to hug this Bella. The author does a nice job bringing emotion to the surface as she weaves this love story.

There are some grammatical errors, but nothing to major. For a first fic, I was impressed. I give his story four out of five stars, and hope we will all be seeing much more of this author in the future.

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